90% of people s will go online at some point during their travel planning, 80% will book online and 65% of those will book directly from a website.

80% of online trip planning starts with a search engine and Virtual tours improve rankings in search results, it’s a great strategy ensures that your website is well featured.

People spend 3x more time-on-site when interacting with virtual tours. That’s 3x more opportunity to convert browsing into sales.

4 out of 5 people use social media during the planning phase. Daily posts with interesting and informative content have the potential to reach more people.

85% of people who like a brand on social media are your past and present customers.

52% of Facebook users said their friends’ posts inspired them to visit the same place.

People share what they like. You can promote your place easily, giving your customers unique content.

67% of people say photography quality is “very important” in choosing a hotel. Interactive virtual tours will let guests explore your property at their own pace, experiencing your hotel as if they were there in person.

Hotels with virtual tours on their website can experience 48% more bookings. With 167% more conversions, ROI can be achieved in as little as 4 weeks.

87% say that a good response to a bad review improves their impression of the hotel. Cultivating a positive online reputation boosts your bottom line. Virtual tours are highly impactful when shared in response to negative guest reviews about the appearance or condition of your hotel.

Ultimately, people want confirmation that they’re making the right choice, and having a virtual tour helps them choose your business with certainty.

2 out of 3 consumers want more virtual tours of businesses. Interactive virtual tours allow people to explore, connect with, and experience business as if they were there in person.

Hotel/brand websites are the #1 online source for business travel planning and the #2 source for leisure travel planning.


96% of Hotel Event Coordinators say virtual tours are also a good tool to help prospective visitors visualize the event spaces and meeting rooms.


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